Our commitment was to deliver the best integrated turntable audio system, not just another all-­‐in-­‐one stereo system. In finalizing and refining the production and assembly techniques, we had to reject a number of parts that did not fit the goal of delivering the quality you and your customers deserve. Resolving each issue added unwanted delay to the development schedule.

We want therefore to provide you with some more technical information to have you appreciate the superior quality and precise manufacturing techniques that are involved with this extraordinary product

PHONO STAGE: Our choice of a good quality Pro-­‐Ject turntable and Ortofon cartridge is obvious. It’s sitting right up top for you to see. The sound quality is quite good and they cost less than many audio   buffs spend for power cords alone.

PHONO PREAMP: The first thing the phono signal interacts with is the phono preamp. We use an unusually sophisticated circuit that incorporates ultra low-­‐noise amplifier stages and passive equalization (EQ). Passive EQ is often used in expensive separate phono preamps for it’s accurate, effortless and strain-­‐free sound. But it requires an extra amplification stage, which is eschewed by most manufacturers searching for the lowest manufacturing cost. The RIAA accuracy of our phono preamp is within 0.5dB across the board, and features low tolerance polymer film capacitors and low noise resistors.

DRIVERS: The speakers used in THE+RECORD PLAYER are very special. We didn’t have a lot of room, which didn’t make things any easier. So we developed an excellent little small diameter woofer specifically for this product. This woofer features an inverted dome-­‐shaped all aluminum “cone” attached to an unusually long aluminum voice coil. 

The tweeter is special too. Our 25mm soft dome tweeter differs from most other tweeters by the addition of its own larger sub-­‐enclosure on the back. This reduces the pressure build-­‐up behind the dome, and extends its response so that in can cover more of the mid-­‐frequencies. Having this lightweight tweeter extend well into the mid frequency range enhances the systems ability to reproduce voices with an effortlessness typical of much larger conventional speakers.

AMPLIFIER: The signal is cleanly amplified by a sophisticated digital signal processor and quiet, efficient class D amplification. There are a grand total of 6 amplifiers hiding inside.

Two 35W amplifiers directly drive the woofers.

Two 15W amplifiers directly drive the   tweeters

Two amplifiers drive the turntable motor.


We drive the motor with a high precision oscillator synthesized within the DSP and powered

by those two extra power amplifiers. You can easily switch electronically between 33.33RPM and 45RPM at the touch of a button.

All these amplifiers respond to individual channels from the DSP

DSP AND VOICING: With a one-­‐piece system such as this, adhering to the conventional norms of voicing and speaker placement would result in a one-­‐point “boxy” sound. The +AUDIO team spent several weeks with both Male and Female listeners ranging from age 18 to age 70 to optimise the system voicing. The goal was to create a natural sounding sound field in a typical living space, as our listening panel will attest.

CABINET: The cabinet isn’t just the clothes of the system that hides the body, its also the skeleton. In this case, the cabinet has to help the speakers produce bass, but at the same time isolate that bass from the phonograph. Two opposing goals. 

We used a hybrid of Transmission Line and Bass Reflex techniques to develop extended bass for its size, without excessive resonances that can emphasize the feedback problem. We tweaked the geometry to have TL characteristics in the upper bass range, but with reinforcement of the lowest frequencies by conventional vented-­‐box action. We get useful output down to 55 Hz which is quite good for this size enclosure.

Specifically placed internal panels that form the internal line-­‐tunnel and port provide significant bracing. This, combined with a precise alignment of the speakers within, cancel the primary vibrations and constrain the secondary ones to keep them from affecting the stylus.

INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: Everything we discussed other than the phono and the phono preamp are common to all the other sources, so everything else sounds as good, within the limits of those sources of course.

Of particular interest these days is compatibility with streaming sources. Because the technology is so fluid, we decided not to build in a particular technology, but instead to facilitate easy integration of whichever technology you prefer. 

We built in a signal sensing circuit to the “line” input to connect a streaming device like a Google Cast Audio, or Amazon Echo Dot. When THE+RECORD PLAYER senses a line input, it will wake the unit from standby and switch to that input automatically. In this way you have full compatibility with the voice controlled streaming service of your choice, without the risk of obsolescence

In respect of the planet, +AUDIO is committed to build products that last forever, using the most durable parts and materials with superior assembly techniques to make these products best in class.


We offer products featuring mature technologies, combined with superior acoustic performance that will be used for decades to come, no matter where the technology will go. We respect our customer’s investment by offering a special warranty and support program for all products.

LEGAL WARRANTY : 2 year on parts and labor.

The broken parts because of abuse ( cartridges / batteries / remote controls etc etc ) by customer are not covered by warranty


COSMETIC PARTS. Free of charge. Labor and shipping at customer’s expenses

MECHANICAL PARTS. Free of charge. Labor and shipping at customer’s expenses

ACOUSTIC. Free of charge. Labor and shipping at customer’s expenses

COMPLETE REFURBISHING. All parts for free. Labor will be charge at a total cost that will never exceed the 30% of a new unit retail price.

Customers buying +AUDIO products are given the promise that they will be able to refurbish their product at any time as per the above point. 

Any REFURBISHED product will come out as NEW from “factory” with 1 year Legal warranty