Shipping and taxes
+AUDIO prepays the shipping costs and taxes so that customers get the product delivered to their door at no extra charge, regardless of the Country they live in.

+AUDIO prepays the local VAT. EU residents are not required to pay anything extra upon delivery.

15 days test period
+AUDIO offer it's customers the option to test THE+RECORD PLAYER  in the best listening room, their own home. We are confident that THE+RECORD PLAYER can outperform most entry level component systems.  If it doesn’t meet your expectations, simply asks us to return it within 15 days and you will receive a full refund – no questions asked. Please make sure to keep the original packing material for return.

Needles and stylus replacement
All our units are equipped with Ortofon’s cartridges, one of the most respected high fidelity pick up Manufacturer. Replacement cartridges are easily available from Ortofon’s Amazon store.

Warranty and Extended Warranty
+AUDIO products come with a strong warranty program. Customers need to register their purchase on plusaudio.com to access to the extended warranty program.

 Service and Repairs
+AUDIO offers full support for repair and warranty. Please contact us for any issue or request for help on info@plusaudio.com

 Video Call support
Customers in need of assistance are offered a video call from our support team via Facetime or Whatsapp Video.
Automatic lift
As with most high-end turntable transport, there is NO automatic lift. This is due to the fact that all lift systems generate minimal level of vibration that can affect the sound quality.

Platter spinning Stop
To preserve the quality and the duration of your phono cartridge, we have designed THE+RECORD PLAYER so that the platter will NOT stop spinning unless the user will lift the tonearm and select another input or turn off the unit.

Plugging other units to THE+RECORD PLAYER
It is possible to use THE+RECORD PLAYER with a variety of external devices such as CD players, Radios , TVs, PCs , smartphones. Please refer to the User’s Manual and contact us if you need support.

Voltage and plugs
THE+RECORD PLAYER works all over the world regardless of the voltage and local plugs, thanks to a high quality built in power-supply unit. You don’t need to worry about external bulky power supplies and adaptors. Just plug the power cable to the mains and the unit will work.