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The +Record Player produces fantastic sound from vinyl and is also an all-singing, all-dancing streaming device with built-in speakers

 Jonathan Margolis

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The problem with record players is that they mostly sound awful. The Plus is different. It’s beautifully designed and built. It’s a serious device that’s easy as pie and sounds terrific

 Rod Easdown

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+AUDIO has produced the first all-in-one unit I can recall in a half-century that employs all the ingredients of a portable record player but
executed with high-end audio sound quality and virtues. On top of +AUDIO’s The+Record Player is a turntable from the estimable firm Pro-Ject that you can trust to play your precious LPs. But this isn’t stuck in the past: this stylish unit, also accepts digital sources via an optical input, USB and Bluetooth. And it looks so hip that it could cause riots in Shoreditch.


- Ken Kessler



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