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Media's reaction to THE+RECORD PLAYER

The sound was sensationalThe spacious, non-processed sounding music produced by [THE+RECORD PLAYER] was beyond all expectations

Michael Fremer

The+Record Player's sound was warm and inviting, and the stereo spread was convincing enough I didn't at first notice all the sound was coming from The+Record Player cabinet. Nice!

Steve Guttenberg (The Audiophiliac)

The +Record Player threw a mighty magnificent soundstage, the music coming from well beyond its boxy enclosure.

Ken Micallef

The+Record Player created incredible, room-filling sound. How room-filling you might ask? Let’s just say I enjoyed watching people, one after another, disbelieve that the sound was coming from the turntable and start searching for larger speakers hidden somewhere in the room. Best of all, the built-in-speakers didn’t effect vinyl playback.

Theo Nickloakis

The +Record Player produces fantastic sound from vinyl and is also an all-singing, all-dancing streaming device with built-in speakers

Jonathan Margolis

The problem with record players is that they mostly sound awful. The Plus is different. It’s beautifully designed and built. It’s a serious device that’s easy as pie and sounds terrific

Rod Easdown

Integrated Hi-Fi Turntable System

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