A Revolutionary Concept For Music Lovers

A new and innovative design, THE+RECORD PLAYER is the first all-in-one phono system featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo speaker system, designed for the discerning vinyl enthusiast and audiophile.

THE+RECORD PLAYER features a timeless, understated look uncommon in other audio products. Designer Alexander Åhnebrink incorporates genuine wood veneer, aluminum accents and other premium materials for their sturdiness, sound quality and ability to blend seamlessly with your decor. THE+RECORD PLAYER looks as natural in your room as it sounds to your ears.

Versatile & Intuitive

THE+RECORD PLAYER offers both versatility and intuitive functionality. This music system seamlessly integrates analog and digital features, boasting 33/45 rpm vinyl playback alongside Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from smart devices.

Additionally, it features optical input for digital audio sources or TV connection and a USB input/output for ripping vinyl to MAC/PC or playing music files. With its logical menu layout and intuitive access to various inputs, modes, and volume controls, THE+RECORD PLAYER prioritizes simplicity and ease of use.

Whether adjusting volume or switching between phono, Bluetooth, and other inputs, it's all about providing a straightforward pathway to enjoying your music. Plus, with all buttons available on the remote control, convenience is at your fingertips.

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