"The sound was sensational … The spacious, non-processed sounding music produced by [THE+RECORD PLAYER] was beyond all expectations" 

– Michael Fremer (Analog Planet)

It was a pleasure seeing so many visitors in our booth last weekend at the New York Audio Show. THE+RECORD PLAYER quickly generated a lot of word of mouth as the "thing" to check out and hear. We were jam packed every day with throngs of anxious visitors. We couldn't be more thrilled with the positive response we received, especially from a tough crowd of high fidelity industry members, reviewers and product enthusiasts. Success was so such that we've already sold out of the Carbon Edition!

"The +Record Player threw a mighty magnificent soundstage, the music coming from well beyond its boxy enclosure." 
– Ken Micallef (Stereophile)

It was enjoyable for our design team, who have been working on this project for about three years now, to offer something that shocks and baffles astute listeners because of the sound quality and wide soundstage. People could not believe their ears.The first day a customer purchased a AC power cable for his system for over a thousand dollars, and was shocked that we were offering a high-quality, fully integrated turntable system for around the same price. And many visitors were searching for "hidden" speakers, as they simply could not believe THE+RECORD PLAYER sounded like a pair of large speakers spaced apart.

"The+Record Player created incredible, room-filling sound. How room-filling you might ask? Let’s just say I enjoyed watching people, one after another, disbelieve that the sound was coming from the turntable and start searching for larger speakers hidden somewhere in the room. Best of all, the built-in-speakers didn’t effect vinyl playback."
– Theo Nicolakis (Tech Hive)

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