THE+RECORD PLAYER has a logical menu layout with intuitive access to different inputs, modes and volume controls. It's all about getting you to the music, with easy volume adjustment, and quick switching between phono, bluetooth and other inputs.


THE+RECORD PLAYER is a highly versatile analog and digital music system. In addition to 33/45 rpm vinyl playback, includes Bluetooth for wireless streaming from digital devices, optical input for connection to a digital audio source or TV, and a USB input/output for ripping your vinyl to PC or playing back your music files.

It features analog inputs, a headphone output, and a pre-amplifier output to add a separate powered subwoofer or speakers. A 5V USB output powers your Chromecast, Echo Dot or Airport Express, making THE+RECORD PLAYER ready to accommodate your favorite voice assistant or streaming device.


THE+RECORD PLAYER incorporates all the components you need into a plug-and-play, compact unit that will fill your room with natural and detailed sound.

Up to this point, turntables have had to limit bass performance to reduce the tendency for the stylus to pick up speaker vibrations, resulting in unsatisfying resonances and distortion (acoustic feedback). THE+RECORD PLAYER eliminates acoustic feedback without limiting bass-performance using a multi-faceted approach:

  • Designing a unique four speaker array;
  • Developing a special enclosure construction and bracing
  • Using the latest electronic DSP processing

Wide Mode

We didn't stop there. To overcome the lack of stereo separation typically found in all-in-one audio systems, we developed a wide listening mode: Your music is reproduced feedback-free, with high-definition sound and a wide-soundstage that makes you feel like you’re listening to separate speakers. It’s a room-enveloping experience that brings your favorite music to life, whether it’s at moderate volume for background listening, or room-filling loudness for your vinyl listening party.

Front Panel

  • Power Button
  • Input Select (USB, Optical, Phono
  • 33/45rpm, Aux, Line)
  • 33/45 RPM Select
  • Vol -/+, Mute
  • Wide Mode On/Off
  • Bluetooth® Mode
  • Aux Input
  • Headphone

Back Panel

  • USB Input/Out (Micro-USB in production model)
  • USB-A (5V) Charge Port
  • Line (Pre-Amp) Output
  • Aux Input
  • Optical Input
  • Internal Speaker defeat switch
  • AC (IEC) Power Connector

Acoustic System

  • 2-Way Bi-Amplified Speaker System with Feedback Cancelling Architecture
  • Two High-Excursion 3.5" Woofers and Two 1" Soft-Dome Tweeters


  • Belt-Drive Turntable with Carbon
  • Fiber tonearm for the Special Edition
  • Ortofon 2m Red MM Cartridge for the Special Edition
  • 24 Pole Synchronous motor with Crystal Stabilized Digital Electronic Sp


  • Low-Noise RIAA Phono Preamplifier
  • Electronic 33/45 RPM Speed Selection
  • Signal Processing & Amplification
  • Double-Precision DSP with > 100dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Class-D Amplification, 100W
  • Maximum Power (2 × 35W+ 2 x 15