Crafted Excellence

THE+AUDIO WIFI SYSTEM is a cocktail of style, technology and precise manufacturing. It was designed in Milano by Swede Designer Alexander Ahnebrink, engineered in United States and manufactured in China to meet affordable price, under +AUDIO’s team supervision. All
components have been designed and manufactured to our specification so that there was no compromise in the final result.

This innovative system boasts a 2-Way Speaker System with Feedback Cancelling Architecture, featuring two 50 x 90 mm High-Excursion Woofers and two 19 mm Soft Dome Tweeters, delivering optimum acoustics for immersive listening experiences.

The+AUDIO Turntable System with Advanced Connectivity

The Turntable System combines a high-quality Belt Drive Turntable with an aluminum tonearm and Audiotechnica Cartridge, ensuring exceptional audio reproduction with every spin. Plus, THE+AUDIO WIFI SYSTEM offers versatile connectivity options including analog inputs, a headphone output, and a pre-amplifier output, enabling seamless integration with stereo powered speakers or an external subwoofer.

Unlike traditional all-in-one record players, THE+AUDIO WIFI SYSTEM eliminates acoustic feedback without compromising bass performance, thanks to its advanced Feedback Cancelling Architecture. This ensures distortion-free playback and a wide-soundstage for a lifelike listening experience.

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