Timeless Elegance and Superior Craftsmanship

THE+RECORD PLAYER REFERENCE includes a timeless, understated look uncommon with other audio products. Designer Alexander Åhnebrink incorporates a new cabinet structure in black piano finish aluminum accents and other premium materials for their sturdiness, sound quality and ability to blend seamlessly with any decor.

Versatile Performance Features

Featuring premium construction with an aluminum main platter and a new sub-chassis with a 9“ carbon/aluminum sandwich tonearm, THE+RECORD PLAYER REFERENCE ensures optimal resonance behavior and smooth operation.

The enhanced tonearm design guarantees precise tracking across the entire record, while versatile connectivity options such as Bluetooth streaming, optical input, and USB input/output provide flexibility in playback.

Convenient features like a record clamp mechanism and a leather mat minimize static and dust for improved sound quality. Plus, with analog inputs, a headphone output, and a pre-amplifier output, you can easily integrate additional audio devices for a customized listening experience.

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