+AUDIO focuses on matching the needs and tastes of contemporary audio enthusiasts.  We craft high-end audio products that deliver audiophile quality in compact enclosures, with timeless design and intuitive controls. Unlike other audio companies who simply place their name on off-the-shelf products, +AUDIO designs and engineers its audio products from the ground up. The finest parts, materials and components are handpicked from the finest manufacturers to meet the highest quality standards. The result are durable products designed for your continued musical enjoyment.




I received The + Record Player last week and I’m loving it! Amazing sound, as if the performers are in the same room as me …

Frankie Cole

I bought one of your record players in May, and I’m delighted with it

Chris Parker from UK

Happy 2020. I hope that you have been well. My daughter, son, wife, and I are all enjoying THE RECORD PLAYER, and wowing our friends and neighbors with its sound quality. They invariably ask where the speakers are hiding, or where the woofer is. We are now interested in purchasing THE STAND

Parker Simes from Japan

I've enjoyed the Record Player so much that I would like to buy one for my daughter and another for my son. They both live in the U.S.

Parker Simes from Japan

OMG, it sounds like butter. Thank you so much! I am so so so excited!!!!!! Obsessed with my new record player!!!! Thanks again, Melanie

Melanie from Washington DC

I initially discovered from an issue of Sound & Vision, and also familiar via the Pro-Ject turntable that is incorporated within (I own two Pro-Jects along with a vintage Phillips and Technics) -- so that would be from internet adjacency to Pro-Ject. I am 56 years old and have been an audiophile since 1978 -- used to make my own gear (Hafler). I also collect vintage gear. To give you a sense of my speaker preferences, a started with Bolivar 64s (lower priced JBLs basically) in 1978, then to Polks 10s in 1980 (first higher quality speakers). I still have a bunch of Polks around the house for lower end applications (gym, etc). Most of my indoor speakers are B&W with a few KEFs and Focals. My reference system, where I play the vinyl, has B&W 802Ds. My favorite vintage speakers are a/d/s M-1290s, which is the other reference system. Amps range from NADs and Sonos for basic non-reference indoor/outdoor use to big Brystons for the two reference systems. All in I have 10 different systems covering 17 listening spaces, each tailored for the environment. 3 are home theaters. Yes, I am a freak. I'm willing to spend a lot for good stuff, but I am a value guy at heart and only spend more because I love good sound. That is why I love your product after less than 24 hours of using it! Musicality, simplicity, and value All the best and have a good weekend Todd

Todd Baker, MA


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